Special appeal on public procurement


The special appeal on public procurement, regulated by law (article 44 & following articles, LCSP) has demonstrated to be the most powerful tool on the defence of the bidders´ legitimate interest within the spanish public procurement arena.


Are subject to appeal all processes on the list below as far as being part of a procurement process with an estimated budget above the 100k€ for services and supply contracts and above 3M€ in case of works contracts:

Tender notices, tender documents and books

Procedural measures, during the process for the awarding of the public contract

Awarding agreements

Contracts amendments that should have been put out to tender

Assignments to own resources when all legal requierements are not met

Concessions bail out agreements

The period for lodging the special appeal on public procurement is of 15 working days, during this period of time procurement records may be claimed aswell as the adoption of protective mesures.